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DistributorCentral Introduction
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From product research to delivery.

See how DC takes you seamlessly through the order process and gives you the website and customer management tools you need.

  It's Easy!

Research product information from anywhere.

Simultaneously search across thousands of our standard catalogs, supplier virtual catalogs, email blasts and supplier websites. Plus, DistributorCentral offers powerful comparison tools while doing your product searches.

Download the DC Mobile App:

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Order production-ready artwork directly from your DC account with DC Art Studio.

Artwork services include:

  • vector art
  • digitizing
  • virtual samples
  • flyers
  • product templates
  • image retouching

Create Purchase Orders with a single click.

A complete online order management solution. Create POs and send them to all of your suppliers. Quickly convert quotes to orders. View order statuses, artwork, proofs, order history, reports, and more.

Suppliers and Distributors collaborate in harmony with DC.

Unlike other product platforms, DC allows suppliers total access to their products and pricing. As obvious as that might sound, this is unique to the industry. Suppliers using DC agree to keep their products and prices updated so distributors are assured of having accurate data without having to verify or backtrack during the selling process.

Distributor DC Features   Supplier DC Features

No More Freight Fright.

Accurate freight rates can be calculated in advance using real-time data from shipping providers and incorporating internal product and packing standards. This allows you to provide customers with shipping discounts on special offers. The freight tool is automatically integrated with DC-hosted websites.

Distributor DC Features   Supplier DC Features