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DistributorCentral Makes Product Management a Breeze

  • One of the best features of DC is the Featured Product Placement manager. We love that we can test different keywords and see how high our products rank in the search results. Because DC allows you to see how different bids affect your product ranking in real time, you are able to get the most bang for your buck." - Julie Touchston, Pop!Promos

  • In an industry where product search statistics are limited, DistributorCentral gives you top keyword data and flexible bidding options with their Featured Product Placement Tool. It is essential in helping us understand what our customers are looking for and gives us a budget-friendly way to help us target our core audience." - RJ Hagel, Goldstar North America

  • We recently started increasing our preferred product placement, as we have 200 items and it is hard to keep them all on top. And in a short time, we have seen incredible results. DistributorCentral has the tools to test and place your items on top so they can be seen. We are so glad to be a supplier in their database. We love DistributorCentral." - Sue Beatty, Glow Promotions

  • I love the Product Data Export feature DistributorCentral offers! It is easy to use and contains all my archived product information. I simply login, and click the link; before I know it, I have an email with all my data. Product Data Export saves me time--no need to recreate product spreadsheets, it's all right there!" - Mary Beth Saputo, ERB Industries

Take Your Website to the Next Level

  • We are extremely happy with the new Admatch website. Thank you for all that you and your team have done to help us get it up and running so quickly.

    Their input, we feel, has helped to put us on our way toward achieving our goal of having be one of the best websites in our industry. We find that the DC Web Editor is extremely easy to use and provides us with the ability to make changes or additions quickly, while allowing us the flexibility to maintain a unique look and feel that reflects our brand’s image. Our customers are raving about our new website. The new Admatch site is now feature-rich, scalable to any sized mobile device and is E-Commerce ready. Thanks to DC this was accomplished in weeks. Not months!

    Thanks again to the entire DC team." - Phil Sharkey, Director of Sales and Marketing, Admatch

  • At Custom Chocolate, we have been thrilled with the capabilities offered by DistributorCentral. Their web site templates are full of features and easy to use and we're able to easily administer our site without the assistance of a web master. Web hosting is flawless and offers full email service as well. Unlike other promotional industry search engines, our DistributorCentral Product database is easy to revise because it can be easily download, revised and uploaded as an Excel spreadsheet." - Larry Wilhelm, Custom Chocolate

  • In 2013, we introduced a Canada-specific pricing schedule. When we determined we needed a website for this, we thought, "Who better to go to than DistributorCentral?" Setting up the new website with our own custom design was straightforward and practically effortless, and Aubrey was quick to provide answers to any questions that arose. Adding items to the new website was as simple as adapting current products from our standard catalog. We're quite pleased with the process, the results, and the service!" - Maple Ridge Farm

  • Since the time ButtonStar started with DistributorCentral, we have grown in many ways. Personally, I believe that a lot of our growth stems from the time-saving features and excellent exposure we receive from DC. The web design tools are terrific, making website development and maintenance more efficient. The order-management system makes life easier for all of us, from our customer service department, to the shipping department, and everything in between. Not to mention, anytime I run into a problem, or have questions regarding technical issues, I'm always given a quick and accurate response. These guys really know their stuff." - Andy Calvert, ButtonStar

Industry-Leading Customer Service? Check.

  • The people at DistributorCentral go way above and beyond to make sure that their customers are happy. By doing that, they also make sure that their customers can maximize their investment and stay connected to one another." - Murray Siegel, Towel Specialties

  • DistributorCentral is a pleasure to work with, they are always there to help with a great attitude and great customer service. I would recommend advertising with DistributorCentral if you want your dollar to go the farthest!" - Aaron Bradley, American Greenwood

  • DistributorCentral is without a doubt one of the easiest platforms to work with in all of the industry. In doing search engine "optimization," marketing and graphics for several prominent industry suppliers, I've found DistributorCentral to have a knowledgeable, friendly and very responsive staff as well as easy to work with tools. They have significant market share of distributor following in the industry, and experience has shown me that suppliers using DistributorCentral to its full capacity can realize new orders and sales inquiries that far outweigh the member costs." - Dick Reuter, Graphic Promotions

Our Ad Spots and Email Blasts Boost Your Business

  • "It's like pushing the "easy button" of advertising, the phone literally starts ringing minutes after the email blast is sent. I have been in business 29 years and I can honestly say: I have never seen advertising work this well. DC members are the perfect target market for our services, and our business has grown as a result of advertising with DC." - Jerold Parker Your TShirt Man

  • We couldn't be happier with the DC Email Blast Service. Through the years we've been email marketing, we’ve never seen results like these. We average 2-3 times the open rates through this service than others. Click thru results are matching other emails we've done with twice the list size. Excellent! The proof approval process is quick but very thorough and scheduling has been flexible to fit our needs. Great service!" - Nathan Weeks, Creative Director, Blouin Displays

  • So far we are only a couple emails in with DistributorCentral, and I can already see a the effect it is having. From above average click through rates, to more inquiries from new customers, our emails through DistributorCentral have been a huge success." - Joshua Pospisil Marketing Specialist, KTI Promo

  • Using Distributor Central's Email blast service has been wonderful experience. The account managers and staff at Distributor Central are very reasonable, willing to offer suggestions, and knowledgeable about the industry. I tried the service for a month, and I watched my website traffic increase. So we decided to go out with an annual contract." - Kristy Tantillo, EMT

  • Our email blast through DistributorCentral was the best one we've ever done! In the past, we've paid much more for a similar offer through another industry provider (about three times the cost), but the results weren't even close to the response we experienced with DistributorCentral. We had over 500 visitors to our site that day, and our previous record was around 240. Our analytics also showed we had over 300 visitors just from the email blast. Even better was that 88% of them had never been to our site before. We'll definitely be doing more of these soon!" - Joel Tardie, Presentation Folders

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