How to Update Your Products

Make it easy for distributors to browse your products, place orders, request samples and quickly get the information needed to make a sale. DC puts you in the driver's seat where your own data is concerned. That's why we make it easy to quickly update your information.

* We will soon offer a third method: back-end integration. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss using this method for your product updates.

Updating is Easy!

Option 1: Manually Update Your Products in DC

The DistributorCentral Product Editor has been designed for ease of use. Within the product, option, and option choice entry screens, you will find a tab-based system. Each tab relates to specific information about your product, option, or option choice.

Option 2: Export/Edit Data into Spreadsheet

You can export your Product, Option and Choice data from your DC products. Most Suppliers only need to export their Products data though for pricing update purposes.

Product Data Best Practices

Having good product data that is e-commerce friendly is the single most important marketing investment you can make to increase product views and orders.

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