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DistributorCentral Provides the Best Value in the Industry

  • DistributorCentral has been a great partner! I have been using them for just over two years and I have to say that given the hassles one experiences with "software" products, they have been a breath of fresh air.

    They have EXCELLENT customer service, they are VERY responsive to ideas and ways to improve their product. We have made suggestions about improvements and in more than one instance the suggestion was implemented in just 24 hours! Plus, they have been launching new enhancements and features faster than we can keep up with them.

    When I look at the product features, order management systems, follow-up capabilities and can have my entire staff use the service for free? Why would I pay hundreds of dollars per seat every year for those other products?" - Steve Bocher, Catch Fire Marketing, LLC

  • Our DistributorCentral website helped us increase six figure sales by 400% in less than 2 years' time. It's really given us an edge in the market place." - J. Banks, CA-based distributor

  • I just wanted to let you know how much we love DistributorCentral. Not only do we love it, we are getting some great comments from our customers. One customer said it's the best (advertising specialty) search site he has used and has faxed in two good orders to us. Thanks so much, what a great and beneficial service for this industry. It's saving us big bucks and generating sales as well. The teaching tools are priceless." - Dave Hardy, Image Source

  • I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for DC. Since we signed up over a year ago, our business has soared. We get constant requests for quotes as I have the pricing turned off, but this then gets me an opportunity to talk to the client. I can then usually find the product they want within their price range. Being in Canada is not a problem either. We have one supplier that we deal with that we arrange direct shipment to our customers and never have a problem with the border. Other products we will sometimes have shipped to us. Either way, we don't worry about where the product is coming from, just the quality of the supplier.

    We had a paid website before and did not get even 10% of the business we get now. DC is fantastic. We really like the availability of dealing with the suppliers and if something is not readily understood from the web page, a quick phone call and I have the answers. All I can say is keep up the good work." - Keith O'Brien, PrintEx Marketing Services

DC Beats the Competition

  • I have recently completed our change over from SAGE™ to DistributorCentral for our website. First, I would like to thank you for the best product at any price for distributors on the internet (also FREE is by far the best price). Since our change over, our sales have increased by almost 20%. In fairness to SAGE™, our dollar volume is about the same because we were able to set our own pricing on the SAGE™ database. SAGE™ has a good basic product, but the continual outdated pricing on so many, many products finally drove us to the point of making a switch.

    Every day, I am finding how much more complete DistributorCentral is than the SAGE™ website. I cannot say enough about how many features you make available and I am finding new ones daily. It is a pleasure to deal with your people in customer service. In particular, Amy and Kelly. They are patient, knowledgeable, and sincerely want to be of help. So much of what you can do with DistributorCentral is behind the scenes, but virtually every important function of our business is addressed. The order processing system is excellent and virtually everything can be done and maintained online from the customers order, supplier purchase order, customer invoicing, and supplier invoices.

    It is evident that you have increased the number of products on DistributorCentral substantially. There are not as many as on SAGE™, but they are so much more current and the information and presentation are far superior. The product images are of excellent quality. I had complained about the order system being too complex in the past, but I found that I can select settings that solve most of those problems and I now believe the ordering process is better than SAGE™. If anyone wants a promo website that is extremely flexible, they should look closely at DistributorCentral." - Bob McGill, MediaMix

  • Just a word of thanks for your website: I have used ASI Central™ and ESP™, but I have to tell you I find DistributorCentral much more informative, easier to use and a just plain good place to go look for products and company information. I am still learning my way around and how to use your site, but I look forward to the adventure." - Bob McGill, MediaMix

  • We have gotten more new customers from DC than ASI and SAGE combined." - Jerry Diekmann, ButtonStar

Industry-Leading Customer Service? Check.

  • We use many platforms to get our name and products out to our distributors. One platform in particular is DistributorCentral. I had the opportunity to work with DC this summer to complete our company's product descriptions and freight weights. On top of us building a brand new website this summer, I didn't think that there was any way that I was going to have time to get to DistributorCentral before the end of the summer. I thought wrong!

    DC customer service was so helpful and they were always two steps ahead of me. They practically did the work for me. Uploading our company information and product data to DC was an absolute breeze using their provided Excel spreadsheet templates, especially since we offer over 500 different products. The customer service is phenomenal - thanks DC!" - Thomas Taylor, Tranter Graphics, Inc.

  • Our website is built on the DC platform. The DC staff has been invaluable to us for training, updates and ongoing help with our site. They have been great to work with and I would recommend them to other suppliers and distributors." - Jay Shmikler, Illinois Glove Company

  • Thank you so so much for helping me get started with DistributorCentral. I look forward to kicking some butt with it this year.

    Heather in Support provided awesome instruction and took the time to work with me. She knows her stuff and whatever questions I threw at her, she hooked me up right away. I have tried InkSoft, Deconet, and ASI's ESP. She was the reason I upgraded my service level to PRO because I am now able to envision and understand my business with DC.

    Thank you very much and congrats on the new website builder. I love it and I hope to create some sites you guys will be proud. - Chris Sweeney, Pop Media USA, LLC

DC is User-Friendly

  • For someone who is a minus-1 in technology experience, I have still been able to figure out how to build my own website and use DistributorCentral. Thanks for making it so simple. I've been using DistributorCentral for about three years now and have just about convinced everyone I know that it's the place to go to find products. The information always seems to be up-to-date too and I appreciate that." - Eric Johnson, Shads Advertising Company

  • ALPI uses DistributorCentral not only because it is an easy to use interface which allows 24/7 access to updates and analytics, but also it has an array of options for our customers to use like recommended products, art templates, printer-friendly sales flyers, and a system in place for distributors to request more information." - Candice Phrogus, ALPI International

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