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Monthly PRO subscription fees are returned to you to designate towards Product Placement to get you started. You determine which products to rank higher on distributor searches with whatever budget you set. You'll see the results. Ability to test and reporting is easily accessible directly from your dashboard.


Homepage Dashboard Ad


Be seen by distributors every time they log in. The Homepage Dashboard Ad is viewed over 75,000 times a month.


Catalog Ad


The Catalog Ad is seen every time a distributor searches or browses products. Distributors will see this ad over 350,000 times a month while making decisions about which products to sell.


Top of Each Page Ad


Looking for the greatest exposure in DC? Ads at the top of each page get over 1.4 million views a month and are seen the entire time a distributor is logged in.


Login Screen Ad


The Login Screen Ad has the undivided attention of 5,000 unique distributors a week. Distributors are automatically presented the Login Ad and stick with it until clicking the Continue button to log in.


Digital Newsletter Ad


Blast to 30,000 distributors. That's how many receive the Email Blast Ad every time one is sent out. Great exposure outside the DC system.


DC Blog Ad


The DC Blog Ad gets over 5,000 views a month. No wonder! Distributors read our blog for the latest DC information.


Webmail Ad


Distributors see DC's Webmail Ad over 15,000 times a month. The ad remains at the top of the screen the entire time a distributor uses e-mail.


Support Forum Ad


Help is on the way and you're there! The Support Forum Ad is seen every time a DC member seeks help or is looking for information.


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